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Lead foot care assistant at Total Podiatry, Danielle Masters is also a professional golfer and Ian Lenehan also a keen amateur.  They particularly understand the physical stresses of golf and whilst Golf isn’t a high impact or contact sport it still relies heavily on correctly functioning biomechanics of the lower body.

During a golf swing your feet act as pivot points with each foot moving differently and independently through every component of the swing. 

Over-pronation of the feet during an average 4-5 mile round of golf can cause foot pain as well as referral pain to the shin, knee, hip and back pain. The twisting of the body during the swing can also place knees. hips and back under repeated stress.

Preventative care will see most serious injuries avoided. Orthoses will also ensure there is adequate support for your feet and help to correct any misalignments that could go on to become or cause injuries or discomfort.

Complaints and injuries that are quickly diagnosed and treated stand a much better chance of full recovery, in a shorter period of time.