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There are two types of preventative care:

  • developing a preventative strategy to avoid the development of disease and/or injury

  • developing a preventative strategy to diagnose and manage a condition in the early stages to diminish the likelihood of progression


Unfortunately many people only call on podiatrists when they are suffering with foot or lower leg pain to such a degree that it is affecting their day to day life. At this point treatment automatically becomes more involved, healing times longer and chances of full recovery less.

Our Kent podiatry service uses a 360° assessment process  to make a preventative diagnosis with the aim of keeping your feet in good health through regular checks and providing bespoke advice on how to avoid strain and injury taking into account your specific circumstances.

Our Longfield and Maidstone Podiatrists will also identify any small malfunctions and misalignments that you may be unaware of because slight abnormalities may not present themselves for a number of years and in some instances may never need attention. However, they can become exacerbated if placed under repeated strain. Identifying potential problem areas early will considerably increase the chances of achieving full correction and prevention of long-term strain and injury.

A preventative care strategy will be created by our foot specialist which will be specific to you and may involve muscle lengthening and strengthening techniques; periodic treatment, prescription of orthoses or simply a schedule of monitoring and evaluation.


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