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Total Podiatry is a leading Kent based provider of podiatric services. We are expert foot podiatrists specialising in foot treatment, foot care and sports treatments from our locations in Maidstone and Longfield.

Our Patients overall wellbeing is at the heart of our decision-making and we are committed to staying abreast of new developments as well as keeping an open mind in our diagnoses and recommendations.



Our core specialism, Podiatry, treats lower limb problems and postural complaints to prevent and alleviate pain, as well as improve overall function, through both general chiropody and biomechanical (structural) treatments.

The practice is owned by Ian Lenehan who is also the Head Podiatrist.  He is supported by Chiropodists, Andrew Porter and Elizabeth Ranson. 

Your initial consultation will include a full medical history, as this may have a bearing on foot and leg problems. It is our belief that patients should have an active role in their treatment choice and it is our responsibility to ensure we work together to find the best solutions and treatment plan.


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