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In some instances where conditions are more severe or considerably advanced podiatric surgery may be the best solution for restoring and improving foot and lower leg function.


Podiatric surgery  as a treatment is only used when other less-invasive options have been explored and deemed not suitable for the condition. 

Corrective foot surgery can alleviate the pain and deformity caused by some chronic and debilitating foot and lower limb conditions such as:

• Tendon and ligament damage (Achilles tendon injury)

• Trapped and damaged nerves (Morton’s Neuroma)

• Arthritic and painful joints

• Lumps and bumps

• Bunions and hammer toes

It is important to note that while most surgery is successful and may provide a permanent solution, no surgery is without risks and potential complications. At Total Podiatry, our foot specialists take your health very seriously and will only propose surgery when it truly is the best option for your condition.