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Biomechanics is the name given to the way in which your musculoskeletal system functions and with respect to podiatry, specifically your feet and lower limbs. 


A biomechanical assessment through a podiatry clinic looks at areas of asymmetry and how the body compensates for this elsewhere (postural analysis). Everyone will have some degree of natural and conditional asymmetry. It is this compensation which puts pressure on other parts of the body. For some people this can cause pain and under ongoing, or extreme stress, injury and permanent damage.

Through our Kent Podiatry clinics we can assess the biomechanical function of your feet and lower limbs, your overall body posture and the relationship between the two. With this analysis our specialist foot Podiatrists will devise a treatment programme specific to your needs to help correct any biomechanical malfunction.

Where appropriate our foot specialists will enlist the support and advice of other medical practitioners such as physiotherapists and osteopaths to achieve a complete treatment programme.